Journey’s End

May 12, 2010

Voyage is over. We’ve found the shore.
Solid land with sand in my hand.
We’ve made it to journey’s end.

I close my eyes as tears seep through.
I hold you in my arms tightly.
I never want to let go.

Night falls and the stars above shine down.
Rays from heaven sparkle in your eye.
The moon reflects in the ocean, light on the water.
The air is still, and cold, and my body feels the warmth from your breast.
You hum a lullaby more magic and calming than the open ocean.

Your black pearl anklet, a reminder of those lost.
The forgotten souls over the oceans and mountains.
Destroying the past.
Destroying evil.
Erasing ourselves and becoming blank files.

Why can’t you sleep at night.
What thoughts and images plague your soul?
Will you fight till the end of time?

The waves become mountains, and you drown yourself in the black ocean, raising from the deep to swallow you.
Why is this our journey’s end?
Why am I alone?

I am alone now.
I wait by the shore, gazing into the horizon.
A glimpse of heaven, a glimpse of you.
The trees creak and say words. I ask them if it is you.
Faces in the shadow.
Signs of your love?

I must follow.
My journey must end.
I follow you through the garden of oblivion.
I am swallowed by the sea.
I have reached my journey’s end.


It was One O’clock in the morning, nothing could be heard, it was a cool, frosty night and Tim lay in bed, moaning and crying as he had done for the past twelve months after his Fathers death. He would see the same thing every night. His Father waving goodbye as he got onto his boat for his trip to an offshore island to study the Reptiles, but the next part of the dream was less happy. The sea got rough, the water sprayed up onto the boat stinging his Fathers eyes. A huge wave would come throwing the boat up into the air, and bringing it crashing down upon a pile of rocks. The boat would crack, pieces of wood flying everywhere, a chunk flying straight into his Fathers eye as he ran around helplessly waist deep in water. He was right offshore the island, water filled with Sharks that could smell his blood. They would come, lunging towards him tearing his left leg straight from his body. His blood filling the waters surrounding him. He crawled through Oysters, cutting all over his body, to soft sand, bleeding he screamed for help. He began getting dizzy; he knew he had lost lots of blood. He took his pocket-watch out of his pocket and threw it into the jungle in front of him. He started panting, he knew he was going to die, and he screamed, crying,. A wave landed on top of him, to reveal nothing but blood red sand.
Tim awoke, screaming and wet with sweat. He jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom; he opened his mouth as vomit flew into the toilet. He turned on the tap, cupped his hands and felt the icy water drip into them; he threw it up into his face washing away his tears and “sleep”. He looked at himself in the mirror, he was a tall skinny boy, with a mouse-brown hair, he had big green eyes and shinning white teeth.
“Another bad dream?”
He turned around expecting to see someone else, but it was only his Mother. Wearing pink fluffy slippers, she had dyed blonde hair and looked extremely tired, with lines under her eyes.
“Yeah” He said “The same one.”
“Don’t worry they’ll be gone soon.”
He shook his head. He wasn’t so sure of that, he had a school excursion coming up, he had to take a boat to that same island his Father had been on, and if he didn’t he would fail Biology. The only subject he’d ever cared about since he was a child. He wanted to be just like his Father. There was a sudden loud knock on the door.
“I’ll get it” she said walking away “You just get dressed.”
Tim quickly ripped off his clothes and put on an old baggy pair of jeans and a Led Zeppelin T-Shirt and a pair of rusted old dog-tags.
“Oh hey Josh.” She said, opening the door to let the young boy in.
“Is Tim up yet? We planned to walk to the dock.” He asked looking worried.
Tim quickly walked out grabbing his bag.
“I’m ready, let’s go.” He muttered quickly.
Josh was around the same height as Tim, but with long silky red hair and no freckles. He had light brown eyes and was wearing jeans and a plain white T-Shirt, around his neck hung the symbol of the Ouroboros (a Snake biting its tail). He brushed his hair out of his eyes as Tim walked past him.
“Wait Tim, can I have a word?” Shot his mother just as he was stepping out the door.
Tim turned slowly; they’d had this talk before.
“It’s OK Tim, go ahead, I’ll wait outside.” Said Josh again brushing the hair out of his eyes.
Tim gave a short, fake smile before letting Josh walk past, and walked into the kitchen with his mum.
“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to” She said looking at him sternly.
“I don’t want to, we’ve had this talk before. But I have to OK mum? I’ll be fine.”
“Tim I just-”
He cut her off as he started walking out the door.
“Yeah well, we’ll talk about it when I get back.”
He closed the door, and caught up to Josh who was halfway up the street. He lived in a small misty town, nothing much besides beach and sea, besides a few shopping centres. As they walked past a blow hole it quickly blurted icy water all over them.
“Oh shit that’s cold!” Yelled Josh quickly running to the other side of the road.
“Ah come on, it’s not that bad.” Said Tim laughing.
“Argh man…” Moaned Josh looking down.
“I lost my necklace!” He ran over looking down.
“Man I wouldn’t do that, I’ve heard of people falling in.”
“Yeah well, you’re a good swimmer, you’d save me.” He said peering hard into the water. “I think I can see it.”
“Dude, back away I can hear it.”
A rumbling filled their ears but Josh ignored it.
“Well time for you to save me!” Yelled Josh as he jumped down landing on a small cliff edge.
He ran over, making it there just as water burst from the hole soaking him. He couldn’t see anything down there.
“Josh! Josh!”
“Down here you wanker!”
He could barely make out the shape, but he saw Josh’s hand grabbing the edge of the cliff, loosing his grip and in his hand was the Ouroboros necklace.
“Shit man!”
“Just fucking jump down here and get me!”
Without hesitation Tim jumped landing on a small edge, he lowered himself down a bit, he slipped and fell landing on a bit of a bigger edge on his back.
“Tim! You all right buddy?” Josh yelled with difficulty.
“I’ve been worse” Tim moaned lifting himself up.
They heard a short rumble, they new what was coming next and they didn’t have much time.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” He quickly jumped from ledge to ledge.
He could see the water coming and he could see for some reason this was not normal sized. He dived down landing flat on his stomach right above Josh.
“Tim! Tim are you alright!” He screamed only now realising the seriousness they were in.
What they heard next almost sent them deaf, a noise louder than Thunder, the water was crashing in. Josh’s face filled with fear.
“Tim! Tim go now! Tim get out!”
Tim knew they were doomed. But inside his head he heard a faint voice, it was telling him to get up. He was ignoring it.
“Get up, get up, get up.” it said.
Tim whispered “I can’t…”
“Get up!” It screamed a noise louder than the crashing of the water, so loud was the noise inside his mind that Josh could hear it.
“What the…” said Josh as the water came flying up upon him.
Tim seemed to just hover to his feet he grabbed his friends hands and hopped up to the top, quickly escaping the brute force of the water which burst higher than 30 feet in the air. They crashed, landing in the middle of the road as water crashed down upon them and the rest of the street.
“What the hell was that?” Whispered Josh.
“That blow hole ate some bad casserole” Tim said laughing.
They stood up soaking wet.
“How the hell are we going to explain this to Mr. Graham?” Said Tim looking at Josh.
Josh’s long red hair was filled with seaweed, they were both covered with massive cuts and bruises and were soaking wet.
“Improvise.” Said Josh, spitting out some water and blood.
“Where have you two been?” Asked George Monroe.
He was a tall dark skinned man and quite chubby. He was wearing a khaki T-Shirt and some short jeans, his face was covered by a huge pair of sun glasses.
“Well we had an incident Sir.” Said Tim grinning.
“You look like you’ve been hit by a bus.” He said taking off his glasses for a better look. “Just what the hell happened?”
“Well you see…” Said Josh “I kinda lost my necklace down the blow hole.”
“You have to be kidding me.” He said, quite shocked.
“It’s OK Sir, we’re all in one piece.” Said Tim touching his arms and legs and finishing by grabbing his crotch.
“Thank God for that. Now get over there and sign on.” He said pointing towards a woman in a white Visa marking the roll.
It was dusk, the sun was beginning to disappear, the water was calm and Mosquitoes where biting everyone.
“Dude did you bring any Areoguard?” Said Josh slapping at his arms and legs.
“No, for some reason Mossies don’t like my blood same with Leeches and other things.”
“Bah.” Said Josh slapping himself in the face. “This is GAY!”
Tim just laughed as he sat down at a small wooden table writing notes. They were in a small room, not more than 5-6 metres big.
“Screw this I’m going to have a shower.” Said Josh throwing down his shirt.
“Well don’t get into your lame PJ’s, I promised Trish and Jamie we’d meet them at 11:00. ”
“Yeah, yeah whatever.” He said turning on the shower. “Tim loves Trish! Oh he wants to do things to her!”
“Dude shut the hell up man!”
“Ha-ha take a joke.”
Suddenly a loud crack of thunder and a huge bolt of lightning hit right next to the boat. The boat stopped and the shower stopped running.
“What the hell was that?” said Josh stepping out wearing a towel around his waist.
“It was just some lightning.” Said Tim ignoring him.
“Where did it come from, we had perfect weather.” He said looking confused.
It began raining hard.
“OK. Now you have my attention.” Said Tim now looking up.
The boat began rocking fiercely.
A huge wave flipped the boat sending it down under the water, but even then it was still being thrown around until it smashed into a group of rocks sending it flying in pieces.
“Tim! Tim!”
Josh was stuck right onshore the island a piece of the boat landed on him and had stuck his left leg. Tim laid across from him a piece of the boat over both his legs.
“What…?” Tim asked, looking up, still dizzy.
“Tim! I’m stuck!”
“Well that makes two of us.” Moaned Tim, trying to lift his head up.
It was low tide, but if it raised any higher they would surely both drown.
“Can you lift yourself out?” Asked Tim turning his head to look at Josh.
“No, can you?”
“No… ah… it hurts…”
In the middle of them lay a huge, rusty, old nail.
“I’m gonna get myself out” Said Tim looking at the nail. “It’s either that or we die.”
But before he had even finished talking Josh had it in his hand.
“Josh no!” He screamed.
Josh ripped off a piece of clothing and shoved in his mouth, than stabbed the nail down into his leg. Afterwards followed muffled screams.
“Josh no! Josh stop!”
Josh had now gotten rid of all the skin surrounding his bone. His face was red and he was in massive pain, the piece of clothing fell out of his mouth and his screaming filled the beach. He began bashing his bone, snapping his own leg off.
His pain was so immense he couldn’t do anything but scream. He crawled across to Tim, throwing the boat off him.
“C’mon Josh…” Screamed Tim carrying him further up the beach.
Tim tried to relax him, but he was shaking uncontrollably. The beach was covered with a line of blood.
Josh ripped off his necklace placing it in Tim’s hands.
“You… ugh… have…”
Tim could feel his hands…. they felt cold… He knew Josh didn’t have long but he wouldn’t accept it.
“NO!” He screamed banging the ground with his fists, the ouroboros imprinting itself in the sand.
Tim fell beside Josh’s cold body crying. The Ouroboros imprinted into the sand began glowing. He laid his hand on Josh, but it felt warm. He lifted up his head and looked over at Josh. Josh was sitting up. With both legs.
“What the fuck…!” Yelled Tim quickly jumping up.
Josh looked at himself.
“What happened?” He asked quite puzzled.
“You were fucking dead is what happened!” Yelled Tim looking at him.
“Why the hell are we on an island?” Said Josh looking around puzzled.
Tim stepped back, confused and afraid. He felt something under his foot. He turned around seeing a pocket-watch. Visions of his dream about his Father flew through his head.
He picked it up and opened it. Inscribed on the side of the watch was his Fathers name. Tim began crying. He looked again. And written underneath his Fathers name was something he’d never seen before. Inscribed were the letters, M.A.N.A.

Primeval Hearts

March 22, 2010

The Northern eye falls upon him,
Stopping him dead in his tracks.
Sword blood red, eyes shut tight
Draining his power from him.
With the blink of the eye, allows him the time
To hide from this unearthly creature.
With the swish of his sword
And a screech from the eye,
He sits there and waits
For this unearthly creature to die.

The rain is colourless
A land quite clear
Heaven to Werewolves
Why am I here?
Full moon overhead
Werewolf stalks the bay
Screams all night
Screams till day
Howl you must Venso
On you twelfth birthday.

The Laughing Vampire
The day of dread
A dawn of sorrow
Why live another day
The fact is that I’m already dead
Cut me, slash me, do all that you please
The fact is that I’m already dead.

Water World
Through misty waters you may seek,
Though your chances of finding are merely weak.
Through waters cold, a land shall come.
It will be revealed
And all will be done.

The Kingdom
Not carved in brick and mortar
Not carved in blood and bones.
There is one last city
An unearthly creature owns.
It sits upon a mountain
A desolate rocky trail.
There it plays the Pan Pipe
Gazing at the shore
Wishing it could be there
At the Kingdom, once more.

Dead Night
Eyes blood red,
Fingers pale white.
I see him,
In the dead of the night.

The Angel’s asleep
The Village waits for defeat
Dead Men don’t weep
Cry, come save us O’ Lord
We await sound of feet

It’s egg fell, like a tear, from the sun itself
It rained that day, the rain fell as steam
It hit, falling through to the core itself
It rained that day, the rain fell as steam
Years pass, flowers bloom, rivers dry
A silent echo, the Earth shakes, a Dragon emerges
Terror strikes, a hero, a reason, a legend, a lie
Sword drawn, he faces the beast, he swings
It rained that day, the rain fell as steam

A child of elegance
A child of such intelligence
I smell him from here
I see him
I see fear

The Autumn leaves fall
Coo coo, coo coo, goes the Owl.
A sweet Autumn breeze, blowing across its face
Coo coo, coo coo, goes the Owl.
Eyes lower slowly, ready to go to sleep
Coo coo… coo… coo…. goes the Owl.
The old lady sips her tea on the park bench
Ducks quake, dogs bark, children laugh and play
The Owl sits there asleep, on this fine Autumn day.

Aquila oculus subsisto etiam
He moves.
It does not.
He breaths.
It stays motionless.
He walks.
It waits.
He falls.
It watches.
He dies.
It feasts.

Loveless Beat
She walks by
His heart skips a beat
She says hi
His heart skips a beat
She dies
His heart then cries
A loveless beat

Signum Fidei
For those who fall or may be slain
A petal of a rose, granted to thee
Will cure the symptom, but not the pain
So as you lie fast asleep
An Angel comes with a harp of Gold
Whose songs so strong they make grown man weep.
An Angel ancient, strong and bold
He shall state upon to thee
The Verbum Dei

Though scattered, his thoughts were one.
Though confusing they made complete sense
A vision. An Image. A masterpiece.
But why can’t it exist.
A pen was lifted. A thought was given.
The land of orange skies.
A beach, with sea shells on the shore.
A surreal fence, stretching into the distance.
A cloaked being, a land of imagination.
The land never to be shown.

Darkness around me, the crashing of thunder.
I lay in the middle of the road, water running over me.
Closing my eyes, as the cold drops dampen my body.
A feeling of euphoria, in a dream like state.
The crashing fills my ears along with the splashing of rain.
My eyes open, looking up to the heavens. Breathing heavily….
I lay down to die. To rest forever. My soul exits my body.
I ascend.

And like rain, fire fell from the sky
Trees alight in flame and I watched, as they died
My world destroyed before my eyes
Like a shark eats a fish
This fire consumed my world

I burn through the innocent. And butcher all who have light in their hearts.
The world shall tumble to darkness. And the Kingdom of light shall fade.
And as my eyes close, forgetting the scene of light. I close my heart.
So I keep it with me. And never fade to the darkness.
The light stays in my Kingdom… my heart….

A crystal moon, engaging like the winters heart.
A silent whisper, echoes like a flying dart.
He sits in wind and storm, not moving from his chair.
He sits, day in night, guarding his sacred lair.
Eyes, set fixed upon a little flower
Sensing from it, a forbidden power.
Waiting day and night, for his master to return
Of journeys, of adventures, he did wish to learn.
Of forbidden cities he wished to be told
Stories of monsters and heroes, grand and bold.
A present he did keep, hidden in his yard
The last remaining artefact he was here to guard.
Gleaming yellow like the golden moon
From another realm, it belonged to whom?

Song of Storms
By the graveyard he does waltz
While the leaves sing their songs, the Piper will play
Drenched in the mud and the rain
A Hero bleeds and kneels to pray
The dead shall all rest
All part of Tailtiu’s big play.

The Face of Love
When love gets my faith
When I hear her call
I decide upon my fate
When the wall is about to fall
I face the Goddess
I face it all.

Coldness engulfs me as I feel the air from my lungs escaping.
I cannot breath as the icy water pushes me down…..
Darkness grows, and I feel the pressure building…..
An ecstasy fills me, a euphoria never experienced….
Amongst the rough pulling of the currents I find myself at peace
Death is blissful

Adrift and at Peace
Faith disappears from time
Space vanishes like a ghost
Life fades like a dying sound
Here and there. Not here, yet there.
A note that gives no sound.
From yesterday to the infinite
The tomorrow of the past
The ripples of a life, not but a dream.
Adrift and at Peace

Unscathed, untouched through time.
A visual image, unimaginable.
Unscathed, untouched through time.
Rivers flow, fires burn,
Mountains crumble.
The sky stays the same.
Unscathed, untouched through time.
Lightning strikes, waters flood, continents shift.
Unimaginable change.
Volcanoes blow, earthquakes shake, lizards roar.
Unscathed, untouched through time.
Wild, uncontrollable, nature, breaking free, painfully.
Unscathed, untouched through time.
Men fall, blood sprays the ground.
From Ape to Man, from Man to God.
Unscathed, untouched through time.
Grasses grow, a child breaths, a family dies.
The Earth remains the same.
Unscathed, untouched through time.


March 21, 2010

“Another dreamless night?”
I turn around in the darkness, eyes searching for something.
“Who’s there?” I yell, frightened.
“Have you ever wondered why you can’t dream?” Says the creepy voice once again from the dark.
I shiver and reply “Why don’t I dream?”
“Because you’re not human.”
I stand totally stunned in the dark, who is this who haunts me so? I don’t reply.
“Yes… you’re not human. Humans? What takes them apart from the animals? Their dreams, their ability to imagine. Something that you lack.”
I begin turning in circles, the voice must be coming from somewhere.
I ask slightly louder and more frightened than before “Why can’t I dream?”
A chilling laugh fills the night and the clouds move out of the way of the moon for a split second, revealing large shining teeth, smiling in front of me. I lunge forward, once again in darkness, but there is nothing there.
“What makes a human a human? Hmm? Is it his brain? Or is their a spiritual force such as the soul giving life to more than we give it credit for?”
There is a silence. Scared and sweaty I yell “WHY CAN’T I DREAM!?”
“Because you’re my son.” Replied the voice.
I shiver in the cold dark night. My eyes begin burning, I try to open them but it hurts. I hold them open for a split second and watch as my surroundings are eaten away right in front of me by a green light. My eyes slam shut and I put my hands over my ears as my body feels as if it were in a tornado.

My eyes stop burning, I place my hands down and feel around me. I am in my bed. It is completely dark, I dare not move for I fear beings in my room. Realising how silly it is I get up and switch the light on. I go to the window and look out at the moon. I hear a small chuckle from outside and I freeze.
“Soon my son… Soon you will turn to the darkness and realise your powers. Soon you will not need dreams. For I will give them to you. Soon my son, soon you will kill.”
A face presses itself against the window, like a dead corpse pale and stitched all over with a big white smile. I run to the phone and call the police but am soon unable to speak, realising I have no mouth. I rush to the kitchen, pulling out a knife I cut myself a mouth. Screaming, I run back to the phone, I pick it up, and a sinister voice answers.
“You’re mine. You will do what I tell you. Lord of the Shadows, you will dream. Lord of the Shadows… I will make you dream….”

The Story

March 19, 2010

There is a beginning, to every story.

Time has a beginning.
Space has a beginning.
Life has a beginning.
Magic has a beginning.
Love has a beginning.
All the worlds, linked to the same beginning.

All stories start at the start.

But… if the beginning can only start at the end, then we must skip forward…

The Gods, Goddesses, Deities and all manner of mythical beings had created a complex and intertwining of realities and worlds, religions and history.
In between these realities, lay the world of the Gods. Heaven.
Not as you know it. It was simply, the Wood between Worlds, Betwixt and Between, The World Terminus, a Realm of Nothingness. The God’s Dominion.
Here lay the heart of all worlds, a complexity and image indescribable.
Together, in a new dimension there came into existence. Life, as you know it.
But life for these beings would be different. Gaia decided that these people would not be meat capable of thought. They would be closer to the Gods. And Gaia, spat into the depths of Earth’s heart. Here was the pool of life, a lake of Souls. Within it, a spiritual essence which would posses each new birth only to come back to the pool to be reused for a new birth.
Gaia left this world to its own foundations, its own deities and Gods, Magicians and Mages.
Over time this world grew and so did its population. But there were not enough souls……..

And so souls split. And split again and again over time. And as time went on people had less of a soul… less of a conscience.
Those born lucky enough to have a whole soul were granted powers. They became magical protectors. Mages, Wizards, Deities. But if they lived wrongly, their soul would fracture, and the next uses of that soul would not be blessed with such wisdom…..

One such, born with a soul made whole…. Was the Winterheart. A young boy, foolish, in love…..

God of the Winter season…. Told to future generations as a fairytale… so it will be for you…….

Once upon a time, lived a young boy…..

This boy lived in a glorious self created paradise from which he controlled his season for all the worlds in all the realities. He was quite blessed. This boy was born, just like you. A baby with not just a guilt free conscience, but a guilt free soul. This boy was blessed growing up, he discovered he could control Winter.
Growing up along everyone else, he new he was different to everyone, and not just by his powers. He was guilt free and not tempted by sin.
But he was not all powerful, and was easily overpowered by a girl… whom had the power of Love.
Love, a power the boy could not control as he saw her for the first time. Is fleshy heart pumped quicker and he got dizzy at the sight of her.
She was magnificent.
Lush blonde hair dangled gracefully at the side of her soft pale face, her blue eyes dancing in their frames.
He could not compare, glowing Green eyes he had, with his tree bark brown hair covering his face.
But fate had more in store for him. They were to fall in love; he was to reveal his innermost secrets to her…..

But life and love would not be kind, he had a duty, he was a guardian and if to keep his soul pure he had to fulfil duties. He must abandon his hearts desire.
He must leave…..

Standing on a bridge made from what looked as if water floating in space, solid fire, earth and a liquid wind he walked across from his world of birth into his world of Destiny.
But he had taught her some of the secrets of magic, could she possibly find him? That was silly, he hadn’t dare tell her… Once at home in his own world he travelled to the brilliantly created Rabbit Hole upon the tallest hill. Inside he crawled, as he crawled he felt like he passed through a barrier of every colour in existence, some he hadn’t never seen, and others he was sure his eyes could not comprehend…..

He fell, face first into a dirt pile. As he stood up and looked around he saw what looked like and ordinary house, furniture created in mud and dust. The house was filled with different style clocks, some with different times, he was sure, for different places, and others odd. Some moved backwards in time, others did not move, and some he noticed were not pointing at numbers at all, but at images of what appeared to be windows out viewing other worlds, and some had more than one handle, with names upon them, moving to writing upon the clocks, he’s eyes drawn long and hard upon where a one and twelve would normally be, reading: DEATH and BIRTH…..

‘Why, hello there!’
He jumped. He turned around and there, sitting upon a young labelled ‘Honey’ in the corner of the room, sat a big white Rabbit.
‘How can I help you young Winterheart? Surely your duties are not too difficult for your talents?’ He said with a wide grin, looking disturbingly unnatural.
‘No… no, not at all’ Said the boy, taken aback. Why was he so shocked to see a Rabbit in a Jacket? ‘It’s just…. I heard a rumour, from a little bird.’
‘Aha, those little blue birds have been gossiping again I see.’
‘Yes… well…’ The boy scratched his head quite uncomfortably, he wasn’t so adept to this world yet. ‘Well, they told me you could, kind of travel through the worlds using your rabbit holes?’
‘Why yes’ Said the Rabbit, hopping off the honey and bouncing over to stare into the eyes of the Winterheart. ‘Not just through the worlds young boy but through time and space!’
The boy didn’t know what to say, and tried to avoid the gaze of the Rabbits orange eyes.
‘Well young boy. You came her with purpose I suppose?’ Said the Rabbit with irritation in his voice.
‘Yes, I was wondering… could you please take this letter to someone for me?’
He held up a brown envelope.
‘Who do you wish it do be delivered to?’ Asked the Rabbit curiously, taking the letter and twirling it around in his fingers.
‘A girl. Her name is-‘
‘Names will not help me find her. What will help me find her is her connection to you. What does she represent to you?’
‘I… don’t quite understand.’ said the boy with a cheeky grin across his face.
‘Were they your, mother, father, mortal enemy perhaps? Brother, sister, someone who taught you a life lesson? I want to know their connection. Only then can my tunnel show me the way.’ He said quickly with annoyance in his voice.
‘Well…’ the boy thought for a moment before deciding upon an answer. ‘They’re my soul-mate.’
‘Well,’ said the Rabbit. ‘That is easily done. But first, what shall I get for doing this? What is my reward?’
‘Reward?’ said the boy looking dumb-struck.
‘Am I to believe I am doing this as a favour, to someone who I needn’t do a favour for?’ He asked looking mutinous.
‘I err… what do you want?’
‘Boy I will not have this in my house, asking favours and then making me put in the effort for my own reward, I WILL NOT HAVE THIS!’ He yelled some of the furniture in his house dissolving into a wet mud.
‘Your enemy, the bear, shall sleep in winter!’ Yelled the Winterheart, desperate, he needed her to understand.
The Rabbit seemed to have grown in size, but now appearing to be calmed began to look smaller again.
‘This is a good reward. I shall take your soul barer your letter.’
And off he hopped down a hall and all was silent. The boy sat, breathing heavily, and finally began climbing out the Rabbit hole, back to the land that was his…..

Years had passed. Still the Winterheart was cold. His love was gone. He felt as if his soul had been broken. If so, what was the point of this job? Everywhere winter came and left like a wild untameable mood swing.
He sat upon a log, around him the Yggdrasil sat frozen and lifeless like.
Years had passed since, but it seemed like the blink of an eye, like the suffering wasn’t enough, he deserved worse, like he knew he should be punished for her death. He wanted everyone to be cold, and numb like he was now.
Death had taken her away. Death, a being that could not reach him… How was his soul to move on? There was deeper magic than he ever understood…. He needed to know.
Down the colour filled Rabbit Hole he fell, though for him they were but grey.
His knees sunk deep in the mud, and there sitting upon a honey jar atop the mud table sat the White Rabbit.
‘I was wondering when you would come.’ said the Rabbit calmly. ‘I am not taking you.’
Confused but curious the Winterheart stood up.
‘Not taking me where?’
‘We will get there eventually, metaphorically speaking.’ said the Rabbit in a quizzical tone.
‘I need to know why I will not die. Wont my soul need to go on?’
‘Your soul needn’t go on, there are too many ill people within the world that birthed you that if you were to go on, not matter, your soul would split. You are one of the last who are whole.’ He stated as a matter-of-fact.
‘But I don’t want to do it anymore. I don’t care. I don’t want to live!’ The boy screamed in a rage.
‘That is not up to you,’ said the Rabbit, pointing at him with a bluish Carrot. ‘The Gods have decided.’
‘Typical human,’ Said the Rabbit growing in size. ‘I have no idea what Gaia saw in you.’
‘Yes Gaia, you silly boy.’ The Rabbit was now almost his height.
‘But… isn’t that just a story. Mythology?’
‘Typical human arrogance!’ Spat the Rabbit.
‘My letter,’ said the boy in a completely different tone. ‘It reached her early. Before I left actually. Why did that happen?’
The Rabbit stood looking at him, slowly shrinking in size.
‘I think,’ he said. ‘You should have a seat.’
The boy sat down slowly watching the Rabbit, a peculiar feeling struck him… was the Rabbit showing sadness?
‘After you left,’ said the Rabbit sighing heavily. ‘The girl killed herself.’
He was not looking at the boy in the eyes, but the boy stared at the Rabbit waiting for him to continue.
‘The only say,’ the Rabbit went on. ‘For her to get your letter, was before you left or else she killed herself in grief over her love of you.’
The Rabbit finally looked him in the eyes.
‘Now normally, I am not meant to meddle with time, fate, usually has its course set… certain things though, can change fate…. Magic, is not one of them, magic can be used like a tool, to help one access time. But love is one such this that can alter time. And so I was able, to give her you letter, altering fate… love… ha, it is quite mysterious, I don’t understand in myself.
I am sorry for your loss. She was a charming girl. I watched her from a nearby hole. She cried very much for you… but you must move on. With life comes death. It is one of the grand mysteries.’
‘Why then,’ said the boy speaking at last. ‘Am I not allowed to die, if it is part of life.’
‘Death will come in time my boy. Nothing last forever.’
‘Our love will last forever.’ Said the Winterheart, tears building in him eyes.
‘Yes, well, like I said. Love is mysterious. But it cannot conquer death.’
‘Why not? Why can’t our love keep us together? Sometimes, I feel her inside of me.’
‘Love creates a special bond, I don’t deny it, it is a powerful bond. But two things are certain in life. Life and Death. You cannot escape them.’ The Rabbit gazed intently on the blue Carrot and it changed into a magnificent gold.
‘With our bond, I can bring her back… I can find her soul… you can take me there, to her soul. Can’t you? Love will make it possible.’
He knew he sounded crazy and he was just grabbing at things in the dark, but he needed to try.
‘My boy, I am not willing to experiment with it. The results could be disastrous.’
‘Like what?’ asked the boy, uncaring.
‘Well, if it disrupts the circle of fate in which the souls are to take, it could destroy the fabric of that realm, leaving a whole in time, in which all other realities would collapse. It would mean the death of everyone. It could possibly even damage the God’s realm, leaving nothing. Could you imagine, absolute nothing?’ The Rabbit was looking afraid, and he seemed to be smaller than usual.
‘But there was nothing to begin with?’ said the boy, a small smile appearing on his frost-bitten face.
‘My boy, how can there be nothing without something? You have once again shown arrogance. Fate isn’t circle, created fate is circle. Fate is random. And everything came into existence due to fate. Life exists because of now. It didn’t start at the beginning. Now story starts at the beginning you fool, everything starts later on!’
The Winterheart sat for a few minutes, confused, trying to take it all in. Then he spoke.
‘Take me,’ he said. ‘Take me to her soul. I’m going to try. I have to.’
The Rabbit raised an eyebrow at him, taking him in for the moment. He raised his carrot and looked at it. It was now pink and becoming love heart shaped.
‘Curious,’ he said. ‘Very curious.’
He wasn’t even looking at the green eyed Winterheart who know stood tall and sure in front of him. He spoke and as he did his voice cracked.
‘I love her,’ he said ‘I love her.’….

But the Rabbit wasn’t interested in words, his Carrot was enough for him.
Later on the Winterheart had always thought that the Rabbit had been the most strange thing he ever encountered as he sat there, hand in hand with a young girl who’s once blonde hair and then black hair was now the same brown as his and her blue eyes now brownish green.
He had saved her. But split his soul to do so. She now shared his.
His love had worked.
They lived billions of years together in the bizarre worlds of reality and warped reality.
Until together, they parted with death. And their souls rejoined as one.
A whole soul, of the two lovers.
And the soul passed to a young boy. But although the soul was whole, it was scarred and so he was not dutiful, and was given life.

There is an end to every story.
This is the end to theirs.
And the beginning, of their sons.

One average day, sitting at a park, with the most beautiful girl…………..

7 Years Later

March 18, 2010

Silently he walked down the cold concrete path. He stopped, breathing the cool night air he began searching within his cloak. Pulling out a large metallic lighter he flicked open the lid releasing a large flame. The flame blew and cracked in the wind, but lit up enough around him to see.
He staggered towards a small bush of bright pink flowers, not visible in the cool of this Winters night. Under the light of the flame they glowed, brighter than the stars. The cloaked man looked around, almost paranoid if anyone was watching, and wanting the beauty of these flowers to belong to himself. He reached into his cloak, reaching within his seemingly endless pocket and pulling out a small book. Bright blue with small grey spots covering it. He opens it to a blank, and gleaming white page. Picking the most beautiful flower of the bunch, he places it within the pages and presses it closed slowly.
Looking around himself, he places the book within the pocket of the cloak, and closes the lid of the lighter. The light of the flowers vanishes, and they disappear from reality. He removes the hood of his cloak. The man is old. Greying hair and dimly sit eyes with a hidden sadness behind them. The cool wind blowing the hair across the front of his face, he shivers. The wind penetrates his body and sees deep inside him, knowing his innermost secrets. It knew. It knew what scared him.
That one day… the shiver…. oh it had been too long. How many more were there?
“One more.” He said, voice breaking, difficult to speak.
He was close to death.
He began walking again. Soon he found himself at the foot of a mountain. In the distance he could hear the heiress singing. She would notice and come for him. He stumbled up the hill, old and fragile, deep in thought. The heiress of Silence. The voice of Wind. How he would pay for taking her flowers.
Reaching the crest, he removes the cloak. Standing, naked and his wrinkled old body. It would not do.
He reached down and pulled the little blue book out of the cloaks pocket, opening up he pulled out the flower and placed it in his mouth, swallowing a burst of life came to him as he felt as if he had been born a new. He holds his arms out and inspects his hands.
They were young…. he had young hands. Reaching into his cloak he pulled out a diary, a glass of gleaming yellow dust and the lighter. He poured the dust into a pile on the ground and set it alight with the fire from the lighter. Holding the diary in his hands he spoke very little again.
“Take me home.” He said as a harsh wind blew, blowing his cloak off the cliff.
She was here.

He placed the diary with the fire and closed his eyes.
Death would come soon.
He hadn’t been fast enough.
He would never see her again…. he could still see her face clearly in his mind… and it had been so long…

He opened his eyes. He was atop the mountain on a bright summer day. He had escaped.

He was home.

Lost Keys

March 14, 2010

“God I’m thirsty.” The young boy said stroking his throat.
“Me too.” Replied the beautiful young blonde, he was sitting with.
“I’d slaughter a village of crippled nuns right now for a beer or something.” He stated, standing up and cracking his back.
“That’s evil.” She said, pulling a sour face.
“What do I care? Oh that’s right I don’t!” He laughed cockily.
“Sometimes you scare me.” She said, standing up shaking her head.
“Meh, I can live with that, doesn’t particularly phase me.” He added, walking away from the park where they sat.
“What’s up with you lately? You’ve been acting different?”
“I just don’t care anymore. I’ve been doing the same old bullshit for my entire life. I’m sick of it. I don’t fucking care anymore. I hope Dinosaurs come alive and take over the world just so something would fucking change. Ya know?” He bent down inspecting the ground.
“What exactly do you want to change?”
“This! Everything! Life if just one bullshit after another, ya know? Ugh, some days I feel like packing my bags, hopping on a train and just going. I don’t even care where!” He said, a slight anger building in his voice.
“Please don’t!” She begged, before realising she had done it. “It’s just… I’d miss you.” She said, blushing slightly.
“Why?” He said, still starring at the ground still.
“Because you’re funny. Life would be boring without you.”

A chill filled his spine and he felt as if he was possessed. His teeth gritted together and his hand tightened a grip of his jeans. “So I should stay here so everyone else is fucking entertained? Am I their fucking play toy?”
He rose slowly to his feet, walked over and starring at her in the eyes he spoke in a cold whisper.
“You’re very beautiful. But I am sick of it. All of it. Sorry.”
Slowly his head moved in and he gave her a slow, sensual kiss placing his hands softly around her hips. After a short pause he moved away and they stared into each others eyes for the longest of times. Then he left. Without anymore words, he was gone.

7 Years Later

At a small park, in a small town a boy and a girl stood staring into each other eyes.
“So you’re back?” She said, her mouth barely moving.
“I’m back.” He said plain and calmly.
“Are you the same person?”
A look of shock filled her face. She had awaited this day for seven whole years. Trying hard not to forget his face or his voice, saving everything for him. To hear this almost broke her heart.
“I am not the same person anymore. I have travelled the world. I have had many adventures… some you might not even believe…” He sighed, looking at the ground.
He was looking at the ground! She recognised this! It was him!
“Try me. I’ll believe a lot.” She said, a small smile filling her face.
“I fell in a worm hole.”
He waited for a response there was none.
“If you think seven years is a long time to wait, try waiting five thousand.” He said with a gloomy smile. “I have travelled for so long seeking to return. Now… now that I see you, it hurts my eyes. You are still beautiful. I….”
Before he could finish his sentence they found themselves in each others arms, embracing each other.
Together, holding hands, leaving towards home they spoke very little. Being together was enough.

What was lost is now found.
What was locked is now open.
What was loved, shall always be.
Time changes people.
Their looks, their attitudes.
But it cannot touch your soul.