Crimson Angel

May 6, 2010

The gravel beneath my bare feet softened and soothed my wounded feet. I felt the sloshing of mud squish between my toes. A complete spiritual enlightenment given to me by the forces that be. A connection not through something mystical like a soul… but through simple creation.
I tumble to my knees by the ice cold creek with barely enough energy to breath. The frosty water stings my face and my life flashes before my eyes.
I mumble in tongues, ancient and forbidden.
My God is not yours.

Dreams- confusing; images- no words.
Understanding silence. Full comprehension.
Heart and soul fed by the fires of your love.
Burning passion. Hot and intense, keeping me warm when I go cold.
My God is not yours.

The turn of the globe as small in the universe as the tiniest atom.
Small waves slap against my face, bringing me to consciousness.
Fallen soldier; do you even know I exist?
Thousands of words, showing inability to express the flame that burns for you.
My God is you, sweet crimson angel.

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