I Wrote

April 2, 2010

Imagine, being completely alone. Not trapped, but free.
The world to yourself, one enormous playground, the ability to see life as a toy, no-one to hold you back, no-one to push you. No influence.
Everything you do is all you. The greatest spiritual enlightenment, finding yourself in the innermost peace, creating- forging an identity.
Creating yourself.
No boundaries but those you set by yourself. Life’s greatest lesson, self taught morals and experiences.
If we admit that life can be controlled by reason, the possibility of life is destroyed.
The simple things bring greater enjoyment. The feel of the sun upon your skin, the wind through your hair or the wetness of water quenching your thirst.
Be gone with an artificial reality, living as existence was meant. But how long until loneliness consumes you?
Happiness- only real when shared.

One Response to “I Wrote”

  1. maniacofdoom Says:


    god damn it steven

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