March 29, 2010

Two weeks left now, than it’s goodbye Finland, hello Australia! But there is still so much left to do. So today I’m going to do it. I pack my bag with food, (if you call potato chips and liquorice food) three cans of Creaming Soda, some matches, a torch and of course, my mobile phone (even though none of my friends can get in contact with me from home). I change into the proper gear: snow boots, giant wolf skin jumper and a heat hat I bought in town. I tell Mum and Dad I’m going out, kiss them goodbye, and I’m off! It’s about four kilometres to where I’m heading so I ride the snow cart at least halfway. Now two kilometres left, I hop off the cart. I must journey the rest through the woods. I’m not allowed in the woods… Mum and Dad are afraid of them because of the local legends, though I’m not afraid.
As I walk through I can’t help thinking of the local legends. Though the Finnish have many legends. Like, when lost in the woods you change into a creature the locals call ‘Kalma’. A forest Imp apparently. Though I wont get lost. I know where I’m going… but it’s not that legend that worries me… It’s the legend of the ‘Goâk Bar’, the Wolf of Hate. They say his parents got lost in these woods when he was a baby and they transformed into the Monsters, but because he was not lost he did not transform and his parents tried to eat him. He was then saved by the Wolf King and raised as a Wolf, and over time transformed into one. It’s said he attacks and kills anyone in these woods, making sure none transform into Kalma.

I stop. I’m here. I pass the clearing of trees and stand, insignificant, infront of the giant mouth of a cave. I can’t even see a few centimetres into it. It is pitch black. I’m beginning to get nervous, yet I’ve come all this way through the woods to get here. I switch on my torch. I’m going to go in. I take a few steps forward, shivering in the cold. It’s so dark. I decide to turn around and go back to the hotel. An ear piercing howl fills the air. I scream and run into the cave. I fall.

Everything is black. Something is digging into my neck. I pull away. I feel my skin rip and warm blood ooze over my frozen skin. I flick my torch back on. It was a broken bone that dug into my neck, thank god… Wait… BONE?! I jump up shinning the torch around, there are bones everywhere! Not human bones, small animal bones. I look around to see where I came through. There are no gaps. I look up, there is a small hole overhead, I must have fell through. I’m going to have to climb out. This may take a while…
I get a grip on a slimy, muddy rock and lift myself off the ground. I manage to get my feet up. Now there’s no other climbing place to go. I have to dive through the hole in the wall… on second thoughts, I might ring Dad for help! Or not… I’ll probably get in trouble for this. I’ll just have to try. I take off my backpack and throw it through. Now it’s my turn: I get the right footing and try to work out mathematically which angle to dive at, when I make my decision I breath deeply and dive.
OUCH! I made it. All but my ankle, whice slammed against the stone. But I made it. I get up, and limp over to the entrance. Now that my eyes have slightly adjusted to the dark I look around the cave. It is small, around the size of a large room in a house. It seems I fell down the only hole, a rather small one at that. I notice a plate at the end of the cave. I limp over to read it:

“Dear Traveller.

You have done well to come this far. It takes great courage to not show fear when all others around you do. You should be proud.”

I smile, pick up my backpack, and limp out of the cave, through the woods, and home.

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