XYI- Two Paths

March 28, 2010

Life is one path. All you do is walk down it, and take what comes along the way. Whether there be a hill you must climb, or a puddle you must dodge. But the real question… is our purpose to walk the road? Are we here to dodge the puddle or climb the hill? But no… life isn’t a road. It’s tens of thousands of roads, all with different scenarios. One path could lead you into a completely different life. All it takes is a choice. And how does one choose a path? Sometimes we simply see a footstep in, and judge on the closer… but if only we could see furthur in…. if we really had the choice. But we can never really have our lives exact… there are too many variations… small things, creating huge reactions… But let’s just say… let’s just say, life was a path. And you’ve got a choice to make… what do you choose?

My eyes opened abruptly. I stood up, eyes burning. I was in the middle of nothingness. Literal nothingness. I stood on white. White all around. There was nothing. How can there be nothing? It was worse than being lost in the dark. I could see, but there was nothing. I can’t begin to describe the sickling feeling in my stomach as I stumbled around helplessly. I screamed and heard nothing. I put my hands in front of my face. I could see them! Where was I? I walked onwards hoping I might find something but when I did… let’s just say I wished I didn’t. Though I was walking on white something was holding me there, I put my hand down but felt nothing. No texture, no tempreture, nothing. But as I walked along I came to a pond… a pond like a liquid mirror. It was as if there was a whole different world on the otherside of it… I wanted to go through. Like there was some needed knowledge beyond it… an answer maybe…

As I stared into infinity I could feel it sucking me in. Like it was sucking my soul out of my body through my pupils. I couldn’t look at it any longer. So I tore my eyes from the pond. But as I did I could have swore I saw a fish. Completely written. As if it had been billions of codes programed. But I didn’t dare look back. So I walked for what felt like a lifetime. I wasn’t tired, but I was thirsty. Yet it was different, I didn’t need water. I felt different. Like in my mind I knew there was something, I could feel it in my fingers. Like I could do something, yet I didn’t realise it yet…

What was that? Something in the distance. A colour. A tunnel. I ran. As I approached I slowed to a walk to see two tunnels with two men… well I wouldn’t call them men. They didn’t look human. They were formed like human. But it was like they were something else. Made of something I wouldn’t have believed existed even if someone had explained it to me. They stood there. Unmoving. Like mannequins. And like I was thinking to myself I heard it pierce into my mind. I knew what I had to do. I don’t know how. It was like a thought had somehow been implanted into my mind, like a time bomb waiting for the moment to go off. I had to choose a tunnel. One would lead to my destiny. One would lead to my life. There wasn’t a question of which I would choose. I wanted to know my destiny. My purpose. Why I was here.

A reason.

But how would I choose? The men. I had to ask them. One question. Only ask one of them. One would always lie. One would always tell the truth. But how would I know? I couldn’t figure it out… but if I didn’t, I’d be stuck here… in limbo. In nothingness… So I sat on nothingness and though long and hard about who to ask… then I realised I was thinking wrong… and decided to think about what I should ask. Finally I decided. So I walked to the one on my left. And I said “What would the other one say if I asked him which is the right way to my destiny?”
He told me the right hand tunnel. I knew it was the right way. The logic worked perfectly. I would have patted myself on the back, but I was to curious… so I walked down the tunnel. And as I did I felt like my body was being morphed. Like I wasn’t even a form anymore. Like I was a force. A power. An entity. And then it started going fast. Like I was getting sucked into a body. Like I had been out of my own and I was coming back. Only, I had something with me this time… something I’d come to understand. Some knowledge…. some power…. and then it all went black.

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