March 21, 2010

“Another dreamless night?”
I turn around in the darkness, eyes searching for something.
“Who’s there?” I yell, frightened.
“Have you ever wondered why you can’t dream?” Says the creepy voice once again from the dark.
I shiver and reply “Why don’t I dream?”
“Because you’re not human.”
I stand totally stunned in the dark, who is this who haunts me so? I don’t reply.
“Yes… you’re not human. Humans? What takes them apart from the animals? Their dreams, their ability to imagine. Something that you lack.”
I begin turning in circles, the voice must be coming from somewhere.
I ask slightly louder and more frightened than before “Why can’t I dream?”
A chilling laugh fills the night and the clouds move out of the way of the moon for a split second, revealing large shining teeth, smiling in front of me. I lunge forward, once again in darkness, but there is nothing there.
“What makes a human a human? Hmm? Is it his brain? Or is their a spiritual force such as the soul giving life to more than we give it credit for?”
There is a silence. Scared and sweaty I yell “WHY CAN’T I DREAM!?”
“Because you’re my son.” Replied the voice.
I shiver in the cold dark night. My eyes begin burning, I try to open them but it hurts. I hold them open for a split second and watch as my surroundings are eaten away right in front of me by a green light. My eyes slam shut and I put my hands over my ears as my body feels as if it were in a tornado.

My eyes stop burning, I place my hands down and feel around me. I am in my bed. It is completely dark, I dare not move for I fear beings in my room. Realising how silly it is I get up and switch the light on. I go to the window and look out at the moon. I hear a small chuckle from outside and I freeze.
“Soon my son… Soon you will turn to the darkness and realise your powers. Soon you will not need dreams. For I will give them to you. Soon my son, soon you will kill.”
A face presses itself against the window, like a dead corpse pale and stitched all over with a big white smile. I run to the phone and call the police but am soon unable to speak, realising I have no mouth. I rush to the kitchen, pulling out a knife I cut myself a mouth. Screaming, I run back to the phone, I pick it up, and a sinister voice answers.
“You’re mine. You will do what I tell you. Lord of the Shadows, you will dream. Lord of the Shadows… I will make you dream….”

One Response to “Darkness”

  1. maniacofdoom Says:

    damn good my friend, damn good

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