The Story

March 19, 2010

There is a beginning, to every story.

Time has a beginning.
Space has a beginning.
Life has a beginning.
Magic has a beginning.
Love has a beginning.
All the worlds, linked to the same beginning.

All stories start at the start.

But… if the beginning can only start at the end, then we must skip forward…

The Gods, Goddesses, Deities and all manner of mythical beings had created a complex and intertwining of realities and worlds, religions and history.
In between these realities, lay the world of the Gods. Heaven.
Not as you know it. It was simply, the Wood between Worlds, Betwixt and Between, The World Terminus, a Realm of Nothingness. The God’s Dominion.
Here lay the heart of all worlds, a complexity and image indescribable.
Together, in a new dimension there came into existence. Life, as you know it.
But life for these beings would be different. Gaia decided that these people would not be meat capable of thought. They would be closer to the Gods. And Gaia, spat into the depths of Earth’s heart. Here was the pool of life, a lake of Souls. Within it, a spiritual essence which would posses each new birth only to come back to the pool to be reused for a new birth.
Gaia left this world to its own foundations, its own deities and Gods, Magicians and Mages.
Over time this world grew and so did its population. But there were not enough souls……..

And so souls split. And split again and again over time. And as time went on people had less of a soul… less of a conscience.
Those born lucky enough to have a whole soul were granted powers. They became magical protectors. Mages, Wizards, Deities. But if they lived wrongly, their soul would fracture, and the next uses of that soul would not be blessed with such wisdom…..

One such, born with a soul made whole…. Was the Winterheart. A young boy, foolish, in love…..

God of the Winter season…. Told to future generations as a fairytale… so it will be for you…….

Once upon a time, lived a young boy…..

This boy lived in a glorious self created paradise from which he controlled his season for all the worlds in all the realities. He was quite blessed. This boy was born, just like you. A baby with not just a guilt free conscience, but a guilt free soul. This boy was blessed growing up, he discovered he could control Winter.
Growing up along everyone else, he new he was different to everyone, and not just by his powers. He was guilt free and not tempted by sin.
But he was not all powerful, and was easily overpowered by a girl… whom had the power of Love.
Love, a power the boy could not control as he saw her for the first time. Is fleshy heart pumped quicker and he got dizzy at the sight of her.
She was magnificent.
Lush blonde hair dangled gracefully at the side of her soft pale face, her blue eyes dancing in their frames.
He could not compare, glowing Green eyes he had, with his tree bark brown hair covering his face.
But fate had more in store for him. They were to fall in love; he was to reveal his innermost secrets to her…..

But life and love would not be kind, he had a duty, he was a guardian and if to keep his soul pure he had to fulfil duties. He must abandon his hearts desire.
He must leave…..

Standing on a bridge made from what looked as if water floating in space, solid fire, earth and a liquid wind he walked across from his world of birth into his world of Destiny.
But he had taught her some of the secrets of magic, could she possibly find him? That was silly, he hadn’t dare tell her… Once at home in his own world he travelled to the brilliantly created Rabbit Hole upon the tallest hill. Inside he crawled, as he crawled he felt like he passed through a barrier of every colour in existence, some he hadn’t never seen, and others he was sure his eyes could not comprehend…..

He fell, face first into a dirt pile. As he stood up and looked around he saw what looked like and ordinary house, furniture created in mud and dust. The house was filled with different style clocks, some with different times, he was sure, for different places, and others odd. Some moved backwards in time, others did not move, and some he noticed were not pointing at numbers at all, but at images of what appeared to be windows out viewing other worlds, and some had more than one handle, with names upon them, moving to writing upon the clocks, he’s eyes drawn long and hard upon where a one and twelve would normally be, reading: DEATH and BIRTH…..

‘Why, hello there!’
He jumped. He turned around and there, sitting upon a young labelled ‘Honey’ in the corner of the room, sat a big white Rabbit.
‘How can I help you young Winterheart? Surely your duties are not too difficult for your talents?’ He said with a wide grin, looking disturbingly unnatural.
‘No… no, not at all’ Said the boy, taken aback. Why was he so shocked to see a Rabbit in a Jacket? ‘It’s just…. I heard a rumour, from a little bird.’
‘Aha, those little blue birds have been gossiping again I see.’
‘Yes… well…’ The boy scratched his head quite uncomfortably, he wasn’t so adept to this world yet. ‘Well, they told me you could, kind of travel through the worlds using your rabbit holes?’
‘Why yes’ Said the Rabbit, hopping off the honey and bouncing over to stare into the eyes of the Winterheart. ‘Not just through the worlds young boy but through time and space!’
The boy didn’t know what to say, and tried to avoid the gaze of the Rabbits orange eyes.
‘Well young boy. You came her with purpose I suppose?’ Said the Rabbit with irritation in his voice.
‘Yes, I was wondering… could you please take this letter to someone for me?’
He held up a brown envelope.
‘Who do you wish it do be delivered to?’ Asked the Rabbit curiously, taking the letter and twirling it around in his fingers.
‘A girl. Her name is-‘
‘Names will not help me find her. What will help me find her is her connection to you. What does she represent to you?’
‘I… don’t quite understand.’ said the boy with a cheeky grin across his face.
‘Were they your, mother, father, mortal enemy perhaps? Brother, sister, someone who taught you a life lesson? I want to know their connection. Only then can my tunnel show me the way.’ He said quickly with annoyance in his voice.
‘Well…’ the boy thought for a moment before deciding upon an answer. ‘They’re my soul-mate.’
‘Well,’ said the Rabbit. ‘That is easily done. But first, what shall I get for doing this? What is my reward?’
‘Reward?’ said the boy looking dumb-struck.
‘Am I to believe I am doing this as a favour, to someone who I needn’t do a favour for?’ He asked looking mutinous.
‘I err… what do you want?’
‘Boy I will not have this in my house, asking favours and then making me put in the effort for my own reward, I WILL NOT HAVE THIS!’ He yelled some of the furniture in his house dissolving into a wet mud.
‘Your enemy, the bear, shall sleep in winter!’ Yelled the Winterheart, desperate, he needed her to understand.
The Rabbit seemed to have grown in size, but now appearing to be calmed began to look smaller again.
‘This is a good reward. I shall take your soul barer your letter.’
And off he hopped down a hall and all was silent. The boy sat, breathing heavily, and finally began climbing out the Rabbit hole, back to the land that was his…..

Years had passed. Still the Winterheart was cold. His love was gone. He felt as if his soul had been broken. If so, what was the point of this job? Everywhere winter came and left like a wild untameable mood swing.
He sat upon a log, around him the Yggdrasil sat frozen and lifeless like.
Years had passed since, but it seemed like the blink of an eye, like the suffering wasn’t enough, he deserved worse, like he knew he should be punished for her death. He wanted everyone to be cold, and numb like he was now.
Death had taken her away. Death, a being that could not reach him… How was his soul to move on? There was deeper magic than he ever understood…. He needed to know.
Down the colour filled Rabbit Hole he fell, though for him they were but grey.
His knees sunk deep in the mud, and there sitting upon a honey jar atop the mud table sat the White Rabbit.
‘I was wondering when you would come.’ said the Rabbit calmly. ‘I am not taking you.’
Confused but curious the Winterheart stood up.
‘Not taking me where?’
‘We will get there eventually, metaphorically speaking.’ said the Rabbit in a quizzical tone.
‘I need to know why I will not die. Wont my soul need to go on?’
‘Your soul needn’t go on, there are too many ill people within the world that birthed you that if you were to go on, not matter, your soul would split. You are one of the last who are whole.’ He stated as a matter-of-fact.
‘But I don’t want to do it anymore. I don’t care. I don’t want to live!’ The boy screamed in a rage.
‘That is not up to you,’ said the Rabbit, pointing at him with a bluish Carrot. ‘The Gods have decided.’
‘Typical human,’ Said the Rabbit growing in size. ‘I have no idea what Gaia saw in you.’
‘Yes Gaia, you silly boy.’ The Rabbit was now almost his height.
‘But… isn’t that just a story. Mythology?’
‘Typical human arrogance!’ Spat the Rabbit.
‘My letter,’ said the boy in a completely different tone. ‘It reached her early. Before I left actually. Why did that happen?’
The Rabbit stood looking at him, slowly shrinking in size.
‘I think,’ he said. ‘You should have a seat.’
The boy sat down slowly watching the Rabbit, a peculiar feeling struck him… was the Rabbit showing sadness?
‘After you left,’ said the Rabbit sighing heavily. ‘The girl killed herself.’
He was not looking at the boy in the eyes, but the boy stared at the Rabbit waiting for him to continue.
‘The only say,’ the Rabbit went on. ‘For her to get your letter, was before you left or else she killed herself in grief over her love of you.’
The Rabbit finally looked him in the eyes.
‘Now normally, I am not meant to meddle with time, fate, usually has its course set… certain things though, can change fate…. Magic, is not one of them, magic can be used like a tool, to help one access time. But love is one such this that can alter time. And so I was able, to give her you letter, altering fate… love… ha, it is quite mysterious, I don’t understand in myself.
I am sorry for your loss. She was a charming girl. I watched her from a nearby hole. She cried very much for you… but you must move on. With life comes death. It is one of the grand mysteries.’
‘Why then,’ said the boy speaking at last. ‘Am I not allowed to die, if it is part of life.’
‘Death will come in time my boy. Nothing last forever.’
‘Our love will last forever.’ Said the Winterheart, tears building in him eyes.
‘Yes, well, like I said. Love is mysterious. But it cannot conquer death.’
‘Why not? Why can’t our love keep us together? Sometimes, I feel her inside of me.’
‘Love creates a special bond, I don’t deny it, it is a powerful bond. But two things are certain in life. Life and Death. You cannot escape them.’ The Rabbit gazed intently on the blue Carrot and it changed into a magnificent gold.
‘With our bond, I can bring her back… I can find her soul… you can take me there, to her soul. Can’t you? Love will make it possible.’
He knew he sounded crazy and he was just grabbing at things in the dark, but he needed to try.
‘My boy, I am not willing to experiment with it. The results could be disastrous.’
‘Like what?’ asked the boy, uncaring.
‘Well, if it disrupts the circle of fate in which the souls are to take, it could destroy the fabric of that realm, leaving a whole in time, in which all other realities would collapse. It would mean the death of everyone. It could possibly even damage the God’s realm, leaving nothing. Could you imagine, absolute nothing?’ The Rabbit was looking afraid, and he seemed to be smaller than usual.
‘But there was nothing to begin with?’ said the boy, a small smile appearing on his frost-bitten face.
‘My boy, how can there be nothing without something? You have once again shown arrogance. Fate isn’t circle, created fate is circle. Fate is random. And everything came into existence due to fate. Life exists because of now. It didn’t start at the beginning. Now story starts at the beginning you fool, everything starts later on!’
The Winterheart sat for a few minutes, confused, trying to take it all in. Then he spoke.
‘Take me,’ he said. ‘Take me to her soul. I’m going to try. I have to.’
The Rabbit raised an eyebrow at him, taking him in for the moment. He raised his carrot and looked at it. It was now pink and becoming love heart shaped.
‘Curious,’ he said. ‘Very curious.’
He wasn’t even looking at the green eyed Winterheart who know stood tall and sure in front of him. He spoke and as he did his voice cracked.
‘I love her,’ he said ‘I love her.’….

But the Rabbit wasn’t interested in words, his Carrot was enough for him.
Later on the Winterheart had always thought that the Rabbit had been the most strange thing he ever encountered as he sat there, hand in hand with a young girl who’s once blonde hair and then black hair was now the same brown as his and her blue eyes now brownish green.
He had saved her. But split his soul to do so. She now shared his.
His love had worked.
They lived billions of years together in the bizarre worlds of reality and warped reality.
Until together, they parted with death. And their souls rejoined as one.
A whole soul, of the two lovers.
And the soul passed to a young boy. But although the soul was whole, it was scarred and so he was not dutiful, and was given life.

There is an end to every story.
This is the end to theirs.
And the beginning, of their sons.

One average day, sitting at a park, with the most beautiful girl…………..

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