March 18, 2010

“What’s your name!?” The young boy yells out, dry blood glowing on his face.
“Do I need one?” I call back squinting as the sun beams down upon us.
I stand in the doorway of a small wooden house upon a hill looking down on the city.
“Well, how will people ever know you saved them? That you saved all their lives! Are you just going to walk away from that?” He asks in total disbelief.
“Why not?” I chuckle, tired and weary. “Why do I need to be known?”
“How will I explain? The police, the news, the government, EVERYONE! How am I supposed to explain that some… nameless man stopped a nuclear bomb from blowing them up?”
“Just like you said it I suppose?” I winch, my eye is badly injured. I want to sleep.
“Can’t you just tell me your name? Please.” He begs. I’m sure he just wants to know the name of the hero. The man who just saved thousands.
“Make one up.” I say and walk away.
He’s calling out to me. I don’t care. I walk away under the trees in the bright sun. A warm breeze blows through my blood soaked hair as I begin my climb down the mountain. I slip and roll a few feet. Tired and sore I get to my feet and look upon the city. Still in disbelief over my own accomplishments. A hero? The guys who rode around on horses saving princess’s? The pure of heart Knights? I would get knighted if people knew what I had just done… But that’s not what I want. I’m just a Wayfarer… I just want to go home. I need to. Seven years is far too long. I’ve done enough. I miss her.
I place my hands upon a warm rock surrounded by beautiful daisies. I lay my body along it to soak in the warmth. So tranquil. The day around me seems to fade as I go to sleep with the smell of summer around me. Beautiful, but not as much as her… I fall asleep.

I awaken unaware of the time to pass, my leg showing signs of pain from the fights hours earlier, I continue my steady climb down the mountain face.

Standing upon a field of green as the wind blows my coat. I’m home. The grasslands. The farms. The small town where I grew up, where my early adventures took place. I wonder if the park is still there… I wonder how many years have passed in this world. I shake the bad thoughts out of my mind. I walk along the road, mind filled with thoughts about my future. I feel aged. My soul is heavy with guilt yet subtle satisfaction. The cars drive pass as I smell the fuel, the pollution. I am filled with the feeling of nostalgia, a beautiful feeling, I stand at the reeds for a while, hands shivering slightly as sweat seeps from my pores… My heart beats faster as I gather my courage and finally proceed to the park.


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