March 14, 2010

She stands on the gleaming white snow, note in hand, as the icy wind blows her long blonde hair over her face. She stares of towards the mountains, tipped with snow. She is on the edge of a cliff, the only sounds she hears is the howling of winds and wolves. The clouds slowly move over the sun, darkening the scene. She squints at the mountains as if looking for something. She directs her attention away and towards the note. Written on aged brown parchment she reads the tale. The two lovers. The tale of Winter. The Winterheart. Her hands begin to shake as she reads. Her blue eyes watery, as the warm tears trickle down her cold face. She falls to her knees, denim jeans sinking into the thick snow. The tears start flowing out, the strong wind blowing them off her face as they freeze in mid-air. She releases the letter and it is blown of the cliff and slowly descends towards the icy lake below. She places her hands down grabbing at the snow, weeping. She stops and relaxes, standing up she wipes the warm tears away with her frost bitten hands. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a dark purple candle, placing it down into the snow so it stands up without needing her. She again reaches into her pocket pulling out two brilliantly lit stones, glowing green.
‘The eyes of Winterheart.’ She says to herself, the words blowing away quickly in the wind. She lowers herself down to the candle. She claps the stones together creating a puff of green smoke. She throws up her hands, catching the smoke before it can be blown away. She places her hands near the wick of the candle and blows, setting it on fire. She stands up and steps away, the fire is not effected by the wind. The fire glows a bright orange but begins to darken and change into a soft blue and slowly into the brilliant green of the stones. The purple candles wax begins to melt off, revealing below it a brilliant green wax. She smiles to herself. She kneels back down and places each hand on top of the fire, but it does not burn her. She begins chanting. But not in a human language, in a language only the earth, water and wind would understand. The snow around her begins melting and green grass beneath shows, as it stretches out trees begin to appear and soon she is not even in the same area, as if the world around her was eaten away by another. She stands up, inspecting the area her beautiful blonde hair fades into a drizzly black. She stands on beautiful green grass wet with dew, the candle collapsing into dirt. She is in the shade, the beautiful Yggdrasil trees covering as far as she could see. Water still dripped from them, it had recently rained here…. But there was no sign of him. No sign of the Winterheart.
‘You like them?’
She turned to see who had spoken. There was no one there.
‘I planted them myself. They were rather hard to find seeing as there was only one left in existence. The seeds were difficult to grow because they don’t feed on sun and water, but rather magic. The moon and suns glow and spiritual essence of the forest animals.’
A young man hopped down from a tree in front of her, his eyes the same colour as the stones she had used. He had brown hair, almost like the wood of the trees. He wore a black hooded jumper and denim jeans. He stood smiling at her.
‘You look different’ He said ‘Your hair use to glow like the sun.’
‘I had too find you.’ She said, barely opening her mouth,
‘I know you did. I’m sorry I left. But… I had to. I didn’t want to, but this… I’m sorry.’ He finally spat out.
‘It’s been a long time.’ she said.
‘Yet you haven’t aged a day’ He laughed ‘Maybe it’s the Yggdrasil?’
‘These Ash trees?’ She questioned
‘You delve into magic to find me, yet you still know so little.’
‘I’m not a mage.’ She retorted.
He nodded his head and looked down.
‘When did you get my letter?’ He asked.
‘The day before you left.’
He looked up, almost scared.
‘Before I left? Then…. why didn’t you stop me?’
‘I tried. But… I couldn’t do it. The Winter needs the Winterheart. The world needs it’s life source.’
‘How did you track me down?’ He insisted on knowing.
‘I went to Africa, to the Baobab.’
The Baobab?’ He said face shocked.
‘Yes I found the Baobab. I climbed down and into the underworld where I was able to make a deal with Hades having been protected by gods thumb. I said I owned the Winterheart, he had told me he was mine, so he belonged to me. Hades said he had not the power to give me him. But he told me how to find you.’
‘How’s that?’ He asked curious and slightly amused.
‘He said I could get to you by using the sight of the Winterheart. But to get the sight I would need to make a deal with Brekyirihunuade if I wished to get to you.’
‘A deal with Brekyirihunuade? I’m amazed you could remember the name.’ He laughed.
‘I’m not stupid’ she said sternly. ‘Anyway, he gave me the stones of sight. Which could see whatever you loved most. Mine was you. So they saw whatever you saw, so using them would teleport me to you. Wherever you were, because they saw where you were. But I needed a way to teleport. The candle of Asgarther.’
‘Asgarther? That’s a myth, like, seriously, even to gods, deities and mage’s it’s a myth. There’s is nothing what-so-ever to support it. It’s just a story.’ He exclaimed, not believing.
‘I know that’ she said. ‘The search took a long time. A very long time. The Kingdom of Asgarther it turns out was in fact Camelot. A magical city hidden in the confines of Earth. Created by a mage Merlin purely by accident. But it was powerful. So Odin sent Loki to steal it, which caused the downfall of Camelot, but what can you do.’ She said with a big smile on her face.
‘You must be joking.’ he said, stunned.
‘Nope.’ She said smiling with glee, her black hair begin to look lush and beautiful in the eyes of the man. ‘But Cernunnos got to Loki before Loki got to Odin and he hid it. To where even he couldn’t reach. So none could use it for evil, or for self centred use.’
‘Where did he hide it?’ The boy asked.
‘Ginnungagap.’ She said, eyes going suddenly lifeless.
‘You went to Ginnungagap!?’ He exclaimed, looking guilty.
‘I made my way North to Niflheim where I found the candle at the bottom of an ordinary well. I stood for a while reading over your note before I made the decision to come.’
‘You know what would have happened?’ He asked looking sad.
‘I would have lived for about six hours before dying.’ she said another tear leaking down her face.
‘Lucky for you, this place is filled with the magical of the Yggdrasil and Fountain of Youth. So all that happened was your hair changed colour for using the candle. But sadly, though others would be immortal here. You will die in time.’ He said saddened.
‘I know,’ She said regaining her smile ‘But I came for you. That’s all I want.’
He smiled and they moved in and kissed each other, their lips touching softly as they felt the warmth they hadn’t felt in so long.
They sat at the stump of a tree drinking soft drinks listening to the sound of the forest and it’s animals.
‘You’d have thought, we’d be drinking tea or water or something, now.’ The girl joked.
‘Oh well human. Look at us in our jeans and modern clothes drinking our carbonated sodas, we just don’t fit the scene.’ He said poking his tongue out at her.
‘Hey look what you’re wearing Mr. Winterheart. I’m just a human, you’re the God of a season and wearing the same as me!’
‘Yes, well, looks like I wont be doing my job for a while.’
‘Why’s that?’
‘You’re more important to me. And I will never leave you again.’ He said.
Smalls drops of rain begin to fall as the sun beamed down brightly on them. They sat upon the stump hugging each other, making jokes and having fun for many years. Years later, she died and Winter returned. It was the coldest Winter ever. The Winterheart had returned. He was as cold as ever. His warmth had left him….


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