Lost Keys

March 14, 2010

“God I’m thirsty.” The young boy said stroking his throat.
“Me too.” Replied the beautiful young blonde, he was sitting with.
“I’d slaughter a village of crippled nuns right now for a beer or something.” He stated, standing up and cracking his back.
“That’s evil.” She said, pulling a sour face.
“What do I care? Oh that’s right I don’t!” He laughed cockily.
“Sometimes you scare me.” She said, standing up shaking her head.
“Meh, I can live with that, doesn’t particularly phase me.” He added, walking away from the park where they sat.
“What’s up with you lately? You’ve been acting different?”
“I just don’t care anymore. I’ve been doing the same old bullshit for my entire life. I’m sick of it. I don’t fucking care anymore. I hope Dinosaurs come alive and take over the world just so something would fucking change. Ya know?” He bent down inspecting the ground.
“What exactly do you want to change?”
“This! Everything! Life if just one bullshit after another, ya know? Ugh, some days I feel like packing my bags, hopping on a train and just going. I don’t even care where!” He said, a slight anger building in his voice.
“Please don’t!” She begged, before realising she had done it. “It’s just… I’d miss you.” She said, blushing slightly.
“Why?” He said, still starring at the ground still.
“Because you’re funny. Life would be boring without you.”

A chill filled his spine and he felt as if he was possessed. His teeth gritted together and his hand tightened a grip of his jeans. “So I should stay here so everyone else is fucking entertained? Am I their fucking play toy?”
He rose slowly to his feet, walked over and starring at her in the eyes he spoke in a cold whisper.
“You’re very beautiful. But I am sick of it. All of it. Sorry.”
Slowly his head moved in and he gave her a slow, sensual kiss placing his hands softly around her hips. After a short pause he moved away and they stared into each others eyes for the longest of times. Then he left. Without anymore words, he was gone.

7 Years Later

At a small park, in a small town a boy and a girl stood staring into each other eyes.
“So you’re back?” She said, her mouth barely moving.
“I’m back.” He said plain and calmly.
“Are you the same person?”
A look of shock filled her face. She had awaited this day for seven whole years. Trying hard not to forget his face or his voice, saving everything for him. To hear this almost broke her heart.
“I am not the same person anymore. I have travelled the world. I have had many adventures… some you might not even believe…” He sighed, looking at the ground.
He was looking at the ground! She recognised this! It was him!
“Try me. I’ll believe a lot.” She said, a small smile filling her face.
“I fell in a worm hole.”
He waited for a response there was none.
“If you think seven years is a long time to wait, try waiting five thousand.” He said with a gloomy smile. “I have travelled for so long seeking to return. Now… now that I see you, it hurts my eyes. You are still beautiful. I….”
Before he could finish his sentence they found themselves in each others arms, embracing each other.
Together, holding hands, leaving towards home they spoke very little. Being together was enough.

What was lost is now found.
What was locked is now open.
What was loved, shall always be.
Time changes people.
Their looks, their attitudes.
But it cannot touch your soul.

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